Mystery Story Contest 2015 Deadline June

2015 Story Contest – The annual story contest for 2015 runs from January 1 to June 1, 2015!  Anyone can enter – and anyone can win!  Send in your short story in mystery, suspense, or thriller style. Entries may be up to 2500 words (about 10 double-spaced pages). It’s loads of fun and a good exercise of your writing skills.

Writing Contest Deadline June 1, 2015. That date will creep up on you, so start sketching your ideas!

mystery story contest

Fabulous Prizes: $200 for First, $100 for Second, and $75 for Third. PLUS winners receive a certificate of acknowledgment from the club, admiring applause at the awards luncheon, your win announced in the newspaper, your winning story posted on the AMW website, and validation as a writer.

How to Enter: See the Requirements Form for the official rules. The entry fee is only $10 per story, and you could submit more than one story if you like. Entries are judged “blind,” that is, without the judges knowing who wrote the stories. Everybody is equal before the panel of judges!

An official Entry Form must accompany each submission. That’s how we connect your name to the title of your story. Your name does not appear on the story itself.   You can also submit your story by email!  See the entry form for details.

Publication: With your permission, we will post the winning stories on the AMW web site.  The Board of Directors of AMW has determined that posting a story on the web site does not constitute formal “publication,” so you may submit your story to a traditional publisher as “unpublished” material.

Who is Jim Martin?  Jim Martin was a long-time member of Arizona Mystery Writers. The organization deeply enriched his life, he said. His family left a generous contribution to the club and we remember him by dedicating the annual story-writing contest to him.

Download these official forms:  Click on the link below to see the document. To save it on your computer, right click and select Save As…  Some forms are in PDF format.  If you need a PDF reader, get one for free at .

Contest Entry Form in .rtf format that you can type on. When you click on this link the file will be downloaded to your computer. Look for it  in your “My downloads” folder. For detail visit here


Stories & Poems Contest in English, By CreatEng Cafe

Contest name: CreatEng Cafe Creative Writing Competition
Open For citizens of a country where
English is not an official, native, or de facto language. 
Entries can be
stories or poems and must be written in English. 
Prize: First prize is
Deadline: January 31, 2015


poem and stories writing contest

Rules for the 2015 Creative Writing Competition

  1. Everyone competes globally
  2. You must be a citizen of a country where English is not an official, native, or de facto language, and you must show proof of citizenship if selected as a winner (see here for a list of countries that are not eligible)
  3. You can submit a short story or a poem
  4. The story or poem must be written entirely in English
  5. Stories cannot be more than 1,500 words in length
  6. Poems cannot be more than 50 lines in length
  7. You must be the original author of your submission
  8. You may not submit previously published material
  9. The entry form must be filled out completely
  10. You may write about whatever you like, but we will not publish material that may be considered offensive
  11. If selected as a winner, CreatEng Cafe and its affiliates retain the right to publish your work online and in print
  12. You may submit as many stories or peoms as you like, but you can only win one prize

The Competition starts on October 1st, 2014, and ends January 31st, 2015.


Movie Idea Writing Contest – Deadline: December

Contest Name: 2014 Great TV Show Idea Contest
Deadline: December 1st, 2014


Grand Prize Winner:

  • $2,000 cash
  • Exposure to studio-level producers for potential development
  • Consultation sessions with Script Pipeline executives to get your concept ready for circulation
  • Additional circulation to up to 200 production companies and industry contacts looking to develop new feature material

The Grand Prize Winner also receives the finalist prizes listed below. . . .


  • Memberships to Script Pipeline’s Writers Database ($280)
  • (2) extended consultations with Script Pipeline’s Director of Development to fine-tune your pitch ($1,500 value)
Movie Idea Writing Contest

Pitching to Hollywood is how films get made.

The 7th Great Movie Idea Contest connects the winner with top studio producers, including execs from Lakeshore Entertainment (Million Dollar Baby), Vinson Films (Journey to the Center of the Earth), Benderspink (We’re the Millers), and other major motion picture companies looking for new concepts to develop. Any genre or subject matter accepted–just think big.

For writers and non-writers alike, the contest gives its winners extensive, one-on-one development assistance to refine their pitch prior to industry exposure. Accepted entries include loglines, synopses, video pitches, and full treatments or outlines.

Since 2000, Script Pipeline has established relationships with hundreds of production companies, managers, and agents, resulting in $5 million in specs sold from previously undiscovered writers. The Great Movie Idea Competition looks to not only increase that total, but help visionary creatives expose their stories to the world.

Final Deadline: December 1st, 2014 – $40/entry

Winner Announced: February 2015


Script Pipeline Contest Winner Sells Spec for $3 Million

After introductions by Script Pipeline to industry partner Jake Wagner, Evan Daugherty sold Snow White & the Huntsman to Universal for $3 million. It marked one of the biggest studio spec sales in years and subsequently made Evan one of the hottest young writers in the industry. The film was released summer 2012 and grossed over $400 million worldwide.

Script Pipeline’s criteria is based primarily on the overall originality and marketability of the concept.

Although we’re known to be strict on judging, all types of genres,
styles, and premises are accepted. In the past, winning and
finalist ideas have ranged from lower-budget indies, to animation, to
true stories, as well as all types of genres. Literally anything is fair
game–come up with something highly unique, or a fresh twist on an old
concept, and you’ll have an excellent shot at getting selected.

Industry contacts reviewing finalist pitches include:

  • Tripp Vinson (Vinson Films) – Journey to the Center of the EarthThe Rite
  • Jake Wagner (Benderspink)
  • Michael McKay (Lakeshore Entertainment)
  • David Boxerbaum (Paradigm)
  • Brooklyn Weaver (Energy Entertainment) – Extant
  • Sean McKittrick (Darko Entertainment) – Donnie DarkoBad Words

For other industry execs interested in judging for the Script Pipeline competitions, or email We will only consider applicants who are active producers, agents, managers, or directors.

Written or video submissions accepted.

For written pitches:

  • Anything from a two-sentence logline to a 3-5 page
    treatment–entirely up to you on how to best present your idea. We don’t
    judge on format, we judge on the idea itself. Extended treatments and
    supplemental materials (illustrations, etc.) are also accepted. Please
    do not send full-length screenplays–summaries ONLY. Pitches may be
    emailed direct.
  • Longer submissions are judged on the SAME criteria as short ones, so whatever length you think is best.

For video pitches:

  • Submit a link to the video after registration through email. We
    prefer a private link on YouTube, Vimeo, or any other video hosting
    site, or your personal website.
  • Videos can be any length, but remember, shorter is typically better. No short films (or for that matter, features).

General rules:

  • Concept MUST be for a feature-length film. Ideas for TV pilots,
    novels, short stories, and any other creative medium are not accepted.
  • It is highly advised that you register your concept with the WGA
    prior to submitting, however it is not required. Script Pipeline will
    not share your idea with anyone unless you’re chosen as a finalist and
    give us explicit permission to do so.
  • Previous Script Pipeline writers (Recommends, contest finalists,
    etc.) and former Great Movie Idea entrants are welcome to submit.
  • Goes without saying, but the concept must be WHOLLY ORIGINAL and not
    based on an existing franchise. In other words, don’t send us the next Batman installment. Come up with your own epic story.

To view complete rules and guidelines go

Writing Contest 2015

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Free Writing Contest: The Fall 2014 Gratitude Travel

Theme:“Gratitude: A Place That Inspires You to Feel Strong and Hopeful.”
Contest Name: The Fall 2014 Gratitude Travel Writing Contest

free writing contest

More Informatios of writing contest

The Fall 2014 Gratitude Travel Writing Contest is open. Free entry and cash prizes. Share your story of how you are a hero!

The theme for the Fall 2014 contest is “Gratitude: A Place That Inspires You to Feel Strong and Hopeful.”

We hope your article will inspire others to travel more and find their inner hero! Share your story your act of gratitude–a place you chose or that allows you to stand up for yourself. Be inspired by Idina Menzel‘s character, Elizabeth, in the Broadway sensation, If/Then, with her song, No More Wasted Time,

No more wasted time
No more time for doubt
You say you’re not sure you’re a hero?
It’s time you should find out
So say you’ve made a few mistakes
Heroes know that’s what it takes
To find their way
No more wasted time
Not one more day

Where are you most able to be your true self? Your place of freedom might be far across the globe or in your own backyard.
Fairmont Bermuda Sunset

Bermuda Sunset! Thanks to Orbitz and Richard Bangs for inviting me to host their special!

The Editor in Chief from Wharton Business Magazine recently sent this to all the writers:

Great engagement has come not just on the magazine website, but through social media as well. One standout performance was by contributor Lisa Ellen Niver C89, whose latest blog tweet reached 4.1 million people. Lisa is fantastic about promoting her content (obviously!) and we’re currently dissecting what we were able to do for her, in order to replicate it again (and again). 

New on USA Today from Lisa:

LA Live: A Pulsing Center of Downtown
10best Spas: Hidden Gems & High End Treatments in Los Angeles
Wolfgang Puck: The Nest at WP24, The Ritz Carlton
Rodeo Drive: Iconic and Historic Shopping in Beverly Hills

Thank you to Richard Bangs and Orbitz for inviting me to BERMUDA to be the host of their recent series. Source Informations

Good Luck
Writing Contest 2015

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